I have had a sugar craving for some days. I don’t know why I can do without sugar some days and then suddenly I have to have sugar. I have told you about how I chew on sugarfree gum to not eat candy. Now however gum doesn’t help.


Today after dinner I ate candy until I felt sick. I had everything from chocolate to sugary candy. I can’t only have some candy. I have to have lots. All candy eaters know how it is. You eat until you you feel full. You eat candy you enjoy but you also eat candy you don’t enjoy if that’s all you have. I don’t think all chocolate is tasty but if I only have non favorite chocolate at home during my sugar cravings I eat it. I don’t want it but I eat it anyway. I love candy.




I can’t eat onion. I can but my bowls get crazy. When I eat it often I get sick. I love to use onion when I cook but I have to think about how often I have eaten it before I cook that day.

I try to eat vegetarian all the time and I think onions makes vegetarian dishes tastier. Or I think onions makes all dishes, vegetarian or no vegetarian, better. I love the taste of onions. Because my bowls can’t take onions I’ve had to find substitutes for it. A substitute that works well are olives. They can’t replace onions but I like the saltiness of the olives. Omelettes are one of my favorite things to eat. I like bacon in omelettes but when I want a veggie one I’ve used onions before. Now I’ve used olives instead for a while and I don’t miss onions.


This omelette has olives, tomatoes, sugar snaps and peppers in it. I used green olives cause I think they’re tastier.






-Honey we only got 10 vegetarian schnitzels!

-The ones we don’t like?

-Those ones!

-We have to buy more now!

We don’t eat these schnitzels but someone bought them cause they were on sale. Someone…… not me.




I didn`t know there were all this types of pancakes. I thought there were the crèpe, swedish pancake, and the american with baking powder. The swedish pancake is like a crèpe. It`s flat and thin. The american pancake is thicker. Anyway there are lots of pancakes.

I like the swedish pancake more than the american. It`s the baking powder in the american I don`t like. I had it when I had brunch long ago and I thought it would taste wonderful. I was disappointed. I think my preference when it comes to food is that it should taste mild and I only like the things I liked when I was younger. Limiting I know.

I never use a recipe when it comes to pancakes. I began going by the smell of the batter to know it was the way it should. Now I`ve made it many times and know how it should be. I couldn`t write about pancakes and not leave any explanation on how to make them. Because of that I tried to think about how much I use of the ingredients.

8 pancakes makes two servings and for that I used

50 gr melted butter (heartattack waiting to happen it’s lots)

4 eggs 

7 dl milk

4 dl flour


Mix all ingredients. The texture should be like a white sauce.


Even with the enormous amount of butter in the batter I put additional butter in the pan for every pancake I make. Every pancake should fill the whole bottom of the pan.


Eat them with jam and whipped cream.


Nearly vegan

I made a nearly vegan dinner today. Vegan hamburger. I bought the hamburger though. Everything was vegan other than the bun, which I don`t know if it only has vegan things in it. The dressing is a mayonaise dressing that has eggs in it and it’s not vegan. Nearly vegan though.


It was delicious! When I eat hamburgers I make from minced beef I never like them. They have that meaty flavor to it (what else could the taste be???) and it takes over every other thing in the burger. I like the frozen beef burgers you buy but they must be one of the unhealthiest thing there are. The vegan hamburgers I ate to today was the best I`ve had for a long time. They tasted like meat.

If you`re vegan or don`t want to eat meat some days try vegan hamburgers. These are from a swedish brand but there a many other brands that has them.

I fried the burgers in plant based butter. I only put salt and pepper on them. I also fried red onions because I want onions on my burgers. Raw onions are to harsh I think. The buns that I don`t know if they`re vegan were normal hamburger buns.


We didn`t have any salad and I used avocado instead. Avocado tastes like salad in a way. Tomatoes were involved in the bun too. I also had ketchup and mustard (which I don`t know either if they`re vegan). Haha I shouldn`t try to cook vegan when I don`t know anything about it.



My feet that I know aren`t vegan.


The dinner today, burgers! Tasty.


Fast salad

20170703_163138.jpgI know the feeling. You come home late and the idea of spending time in the kitchen cooking……no! You only want something quick to eat.

I have had that feeling many times. Every time I come home after a long day I never cook anything complicated. Often I buy pizza or pick out processed food from the freezer that cooks fast. Often I only eat sandwiches but that don’t fill me up. Processed food is fine once in a while but not all the time.

I’m happy I’ve found something rather healthy to eat and it takes no time to cook. Ceasar salad. It’s from Dole. It’s called Ceasar kit and contains sliced salad, crutons, sauce and parmesan cheese. I think you can find it almost everywhere.

I buy cooked chicken at the deli counter to make it into the ceasar in the salad. You don’t have to use chicken anything goes with it. I think everything is tasty in the ceasar kit other than the parmesan cheese. It tastes like feet. The salad doesn’t lack in flavor because I don’t eat the cheese.




I have to eat in the evening. Sometimes I’m more hungry than usual and then this is good!

Meatball sandwich! Toasted bread with beetroot salad and sliced meatballs. Beetroot salad consists of pickled beetroots and mayonaise.


Yummy snack.


I love pancakes. I have always loved them. I remember when I was younger and couldn’t flip them around. They always broke but I didn’t care. My friends cared! They didn’t want to eat the pile of pancake strands I served.

Today I’ve learned to flip them with a spatula. Ovenbaked are the easiest though because they cook themselves. Even if regular pancakes cooks fast the ones in the oven are more conveniant.

For dinner I made oven baked blueberry pancake. I used fresh blueberries because frozen ones makes the pancake too loose while it cooks. I also used oatmilk so it’s good for all of you that don’t tolerate cows milk.

I never cook from recepies (normally) and I can’t give you amounts on the ingredients. Or I can tell you I use 4 eggs for this pancake. I mix them with milk and flour until the batter gets the texture of a thin white sauce. I put lots of butter at the bottom of the oven tin I’m using. That gives a fuller taste and it prevents the pancake from sticking to the tin.

I added blueberries to the tin and baked the pancake for 20 minutes at 210 C.

Serve with lingonberry jam.




I love black pudding. I never think about the content when I eat it. In Sweden we call it “blood pudding”. It contains animal blood but it doesn`t taste of it.

The black pudding comes in a big chunk. You slice it and fry it. I want thin slices because otherwise it gets a bit too much to chew. I always fry black pudding until it gets a crunchy surface. It tastes better that way.

I must have bacon with black pudding. I like it the way it is but with bacon it`s better. Lingonberry jam is important. Black pudding needs that.