Hair oil

I have a very tangle prone hair. When I wash my hair I use shampoo and conditioner. But even so my hair often is one big tangle when I get out of the shower. I have to use some kind of hair oil.

I’ve tried many different oils! Everything from coconut oil to argan oil. Coconut oil made my hair greasy. I used the smallest amount and my hair looked like I hadn’t wash it in days. I’ve used “coconut infused” oil and “everyday coconut oil” but I didn’t use it for long because of the greasy feeling. Everyone is saying argan oil is liquid gold however not for me. It makes my hair greasy like coconut oil do. To save money I bought argan oil a while ago but even if I only use a small amount it is making my hair oily.

The best hair oil I think I’ve ever used is “ellwo” repairing oil. It costs lots but because you only need a small amount it usually takes me a couple of months before I have to buy a new one. The best thing about it is the smell and that it makes my hair look healthy and it smells wonderful. It smells like red berries. The textur is a little thick but I don’t care about that. I use it when my hair is wet.

I think you can find it in many shops online. I buy it for 24,90 euros. It cost some but you get a lot for your money. If you get tangles or have “wild” hair you should try it. You’ll be surprised how good it is. Try it.

Fresh scalp

I think a healthy scalp means your whole hair is healthy. A scalp can have many faults. Everything from being itchy, be coatet in dandruff and greasy to the more serious condition, psoriasis. I’ve had everything of the above. My psoriasis wasn’t that bad but never the less it bothered me. I’ve tried many dandruff schampoos but they never did what they should. More often than not they made my dandruff and itchy scalp get even more itchy and the dandruff didn’t go away.

During my psoriasis period I lost lots of hair because my scalp was covered in this layer of dead skin. It “suffocated” the roots of my hair and they fell out. The hair roots was covered in this nasty white psoriasis paste. Yuck.

I have used haircare that has worked but it has been hard to find. A while ago I found this. Vichy Micro Peel. It is a shampoo with peeling effect. You massage it in and it has to work for while. It smells good and removes dandruff. It makes my hair less greasy and you can feel the difference in your scalp after the first use. I don’t know how it works with psoriasis however I think it makes it better.








I try to eat healthy. I do but I take vitamins everyday. I think you can eat healthy but still not get enough nutrients. Like it often says on the vitamin “can” you shouldn’t replace a healthy diet with vitamins. I don’t know why they put that on it. We know we have to eat! Anyway it’s hard to get every vitamin with food.

There are vitamins and vitamins. Always make sure you know the content of the vitamins you buy. One type of vitamin that’s hard to know which one to buy are the hair and skin ones. I have struggled with hair loss and acne a lot and I’ve tried more vitamins for that than I want to think about. My acne eventually healed with prescription medicine but my hair loss is harder to battle. Vitamins are almost the only option and it’s hard to find the right ones. I’ve tried almost every vitamin available but I have never felt like they’ve helped. That’s until I began taking silicon tablettes. I take two hair and skin supplements but the silicon tablettes made me loose less hair. There are not many multi vitamins that contain silicon and I have to buy them separate. All of you suffering from hair loss try that vitamin. I know they might not suit everone but it’s worth trying.


“Kisel” silicon in swedish.

I know the picture makes you sea sick with the can laying on the side.

Hair oil

Before anything the picture is a “bit” unfocused. I don’t know about you but I often don’t find the haircare I want. I love essential oils in haircare cause they can make any hair type better. I never find any hair care with the essential oils I want. When I find products with oils it doesn’t feel good. For example I used nettle haircare but that made my hair into a big tangle.

A while ago I began mixing hair products with essential oils myself. I couldn’t have made a better choice. There are oils for everything. I have oily hair and tea tree oil normalizes that. I use it in the shampoo but not conditioner. It’s oil and it can make the hair greasy if you use it in everything. I find lemon oil the best in skincare.

I don’t mix oil with shampoo in the shampoo bottle. Then you don’t know how much oil to put in. I mix shampoo and oil in a coffee cup instead. I do it with every use. I don’t use that much oil. It can harm your hair if you put lots of oil on it.

I buy essential oils from Organic makers.




I think hair is big business. When you don`t feel fine about your hair you`re miserable. It doesn`t mean you think about your hair all the time but if it`s not what you like it`s hard.

I`ve cut my hair myself for a long time. I do it because it`s expensive to go to a hairdresser. I only trim my ends and to pay 100 dollars to do that is a lot. I do it too because of the way hairdressers treat my hair. They always want cut layers in my hair. That can be wonderful if your hair looks good in it. My hair looks like I`ve got two different hairstyles with layers. Hair dressers say “I cut layers in your hair” but they could say “you get two hairstyles in one cut”. My hair is more than straight and that`s why layers looks like that, layers.


The thing I don`t want in a hair salon is a blow out. It feels like they pull out every hair. I say that I don`t want that round brush tearing apart my hair in the blow dryer but they can`t help them selves. They say they will dry a little but then they get their brush and dryer and make my scalp burn. I get many demand a blow out however I can`t stand it.

I use oil on my hair because I have tangles. When I don`t put oil on I can`t brush my hair because of the tangles. My favorite hair products come from Marc Anthony. This oil Repairing Macadamia Oil Treatment makes my hair soft and without tangles. It lasts a long time.



Not the best focused picture.



I sometimes find perfect beauty products. I have tried many bad ones but when I find something that does what it should I`m happy! I`m especially happy when I find good hair care products. When it comes to hair it`s worth spending money on the products you use. I can`t use the things you buy in a grocery store on my hair. I know there`s nothing wrong with them but my scalp itches when I use them. Also my hair doesn`t feel clean after a hair wash with grocery store products. That`s just me if it works for you keep on using them!

For me it`s worth spending money on the more expensive hair care products out there. Hair salon`s have the best schampoo`s you can find. Some schampoo`s are too expensive but there are many good ones that don`t cost too much. The difference between hair salon products and the grocery store ones is that the hair salon has more “clean” products. Most of them don`t contain a lot of crazy things.

My scalp is sensitive. It itches if I don`t take care of it. These products are probably the best I`ve ever used. It`s Joico, Purifying scalp cleanse and Balancing scalp nourish. These products remove build ups and calm the scalp. They keep my scalp healthy. They are best used together.


I give Joico a rating of 4/5. It would get 5 if there were more in the bottles. Especially the conditioner. You have to apply the conditioner in all your hair (the roots too) and you finish the bottle in no time. Other than that it makes your hair feel wonderful. Clean and fresh.





I love all things that has to do with skincare. I`m not at all vain but skincare makes me feel good. I buy make up cause I have to and skincare cause I love to. Make up is something I use sometimes because it makes me feel more confident. I never use much make up and I normally only use powder and do my eyebrows.

I like to spend time in skin care stores. I could walk around among creams and serums all day every day.



I like the “Clinique” brand. It`s affordable and has something for every skin type.

I have always been interested in skincare and haircare. It makes me happy to take care of myself. I could never use only soap and water on my skin especially since I`ve used cleansers my whole life. My skin would get crazy if I stopped using skincare products. My favourite products are all kinds of creams. The older I get the more interested I become in everything that has to do with creams.




“Estee Lauder”. If it wasn`t that expensive I would buy it often.

Most important when it comes to skincare is cleansers. I read all the time when experts tell you how to get good skin that you should remove your make up in the evening. Who doesn`t!!!!!!!!! I always remove make up before bed. I could leave it on but that would make my skin break out and get all kinds of problems skin can get. I try to use mild cleansers. I often buy cleansers that are too harsh which leaves my skin dry and acne prone. I think that`s because I haven`t left my teen age thoughts on cleansers behind. I always think of my skin as oily which it isn`t these days.




Wondefully creamy.

Many of the products above (if not all) are organic. Good to your skin!



Don`t get sunburns. Self tan instead.







I often get tangles in my hair. Even if I use “heavy” schampoo`s and conditioners and so on they keep showing up. When I have long hair my whole hair is often one big tangle. I like having long hair but it`s almost impossible. Because of that I`ve used different hair oils to make it better.

I write hair oils and many of you probably think “oil makes my hair greasy”. My hair gets greasy as well if I use “pure” oil like olive oil. I remember when I mixed olive oil and essential oils and put it on my hair. It looked like I had never washed my hair! It only weighed my hair down and my hair looked dirty. Pure oil is excellent for deep conditioning where you leave it on your hair for a while and then wash it off. When you only want to get soft hair you should use oils especially made for your hair.

This hair oil is probably the best one I`ve used.

20170125_180706This is Marc Anthonys, “Coconut and shea butter oil”. It`s a lightweight oil that makes your hair soft without any greasy feeling. It smells discrete but nice and it melts in with your hair. It makes at my hair almost tangle free. I find that it`s best to put it on when my hair is wet.

You can buy this everywhere.


20161123_174948I`ve had an itchy scalp for a long time. I have tried many things that were supposed to calm the scalp but nothing has worked. Instead they often make it itch more. I have used different shampoo`s that would help with dandruff and built ups but they also made it itch more. Dandruff shampoo`s are often very harsh to your hair and if you don`t really have dandruff they can damage it.

This product works for me. It`s climbazole 4. It`s a leave-in scalp tonic. You can use it as a pre-shampoo treatment but I think it`s better to apply it after the hair has been washed. Then it has more time to do it`s job until the next hair wash. I apply it to my scalp by first putting it in my hands and then I rub it on. I did put it on straight from the bottle the first time I used it but I found that I got too much of the tonic on the scalp. By doing it with the hands I get the right amount.

It smells like tee tree oil. I like that. When you have applied the tonic the smell gradually fades away though. The best thing about it is that your hair won`t look greasy at all. The texture of the tonic is very light and it “melts” into your hair. I have used it for a while now and my hair feels better than it has in a long time. Great stuff.