I sometimes find perfect beauty products. I have tried many bad ones but when I find something that does what it should I`m happy! I`m especially happy when I find good hair care products. When it comes to hair it`s worth spending money on the products you use. I can`t use the things you buy in a grocery store on my hair. I know there`s nothing wrong with them but my scalp itches when I use them. Also my hair doesn`t feel clean after a hair wash with grocery store products. That`s just me if it works for you keep on using them!

For me it`s worth spending money on the more expensive hair care products out there. Hair salon`s have the best schampoo`s you can find. Some schampoo`s are too expensive but there are many good ones that don`t cost too much. The difference between hair salon products and the grocery store ones is that the hair salon has more “clean” products. Most of them don`t contain a lot of crazy things.

My scalp is sensitive. It itches if I don`t take care of it. These products are probably the best I`ve ever used. It`s Joico, Purifying scalp cleanse and Balancing scalp nourish. These products remove build ups and calm the scalp. They keep my scalp healthy. They are best used together.


I give Joico a rating of 4/5. It would get 5 if there were more in the bottles. Especially the conditioner. You have to apply the conditioner in all your hair (the roots too) and you finish the bottle in no time. Other than that it makes your hair feel wonderful. Clean and fresh.




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