I have stayed in many hotels through the years. I think it`s relaxing to spend time in hotels cause you can`t do anything but take it easy. You don`t have any must do`s and can refresh your mind. I have stayed in hotels both on the cheaper and more expensive side when it comes to the cost and I think some things are the same in all of them. One thing that comes to mind is the behaviour around the breakfast buffet. In all hotels in Sweden breakfast is included (I`ve never heard of anything else). The buffet consists of bread, fruits, eggs, bacon and much more.

There are two ways most approach the breakfast buffet. One is to only think about yourself. Those are the ones that don`t care if there are people waiting in line for something. “I think I`m the most important one in this room and I`m not waiting for no breakfast”. Without any shame they reach for a sausage in between all the people waiting for their sausage. They take the last bread roll right in front of you that you`ve been waiting thirty minutes to get to.

The second approach to getting breakfast is to act like you`ve never seen food before. These people take forever when they`re at the buffet. They annoy me! They see the juice machine and it`s like they`ve never seen a juice machine before. “What is orange juice.” They stand in front of the bread and analyze every roll and loaf like they`ve never seen bread like that before. Sometimes these slow people think they are the “only think of themselves” breakfast ones. They say “let me just get that and I leave you to it”. They say that and aim to quickly grab something before you do. They say that and then you have to wait while they stand in front of the juice machine. Confused like they`ve never seen one of them before.20170217_083120






3 thoughts on “Travel

  1. Brittany says:

    HA, both of these types would make me bonkers. I often wait my turn longer than I should because I refuse to cut in line. Alas as I get older I have less patience for others that cut the line! If I’m hangry ya’ll better watch out!

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  2. easyweimaraner says:

    Hotels are the best place to watch people… but sometimes we see things we don’t need to see… my “favourite” people are the hamsters who build the tower of pisa on their plates and leave a food trace behind like hansel&gretel in the fairytale ;o)))

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