I love all things about christmas. I love the “dimmed” lights the best. Everything looks better in christmas lighting. In Sweden almost everyone has christmas lighting in every window.


It will only be Kajsa me and my mom this year for christmas. I couldn’t have it better than this. It’s less stress when we don’t have to go somewhere. We used to go to relatives every year but now we often spend christmas home.


Food is a big deal when it comes to christmas. The thing that most in Sweden want on the christmas table is pickled herring. It’s raw fish in vinegar. That’s right raw fish in vinegar. That’s my least favorite dish and I never let it touch my plate. There’s many tastier things to choose from and the herring devours can keep their fish to themselves.20171221_170531

We don’t have a real christmas tree. We have a little plastic tree. A big tree takes up the whole room and there’s bugs in it.



I’ve been mentally tired for a while. My depression has made me more tired than normal. I’m always tired but recently I’ve been too tired to do anything. That’s when I have mental rests.

Mental rests are what they sound like. I don’t do anything that requires any complicated thinking. I surf around the net or watch stupid tv shows. I often don’t meet anyone during the rests. I often don’t like being around others anyway and when I’m mentally tired I have to be alone.

When you’re depressed or suffer from any mental illness you have to do what is best for you. I used to always be there for others or work overtime whenever it was needed. I never do that anymore. I used to think I had to listen to the most annoying friend go on and on about somethings because that’s what good friends do. Now I’ve instead got rid of these annoying friends (haha not got rid of in that way), which I didn’t like, and only have friends I like. Friends should make you happy! I never work more than I should. I know working overtime makes you a hardworking, but it makes me more depressed.

The most important is to do things that ease the depression. I eat what I want for one thing. I know being on a diet could make you feel better, but I’ve never experienced that. I feel worse if I can’t eat what I want. I’ve tried and it didn’t help. I have to eat lots to feel good mentally and because I exercise a lot I have to give my body fuel.



I`ve found a good way to exercise. Walking. I can`t run because of my cold that never stops. If I run my throat get sore and it`s not worth it. Walking is perfect. I walk fast and almost keep the speed I do when I run. It`s perfect for clearing your mind too. I get to think about things.

Kajsa loves it. She gets to smell things more when we walk. She gets tired even if we don`t run. I usually stop along the way and sit down with her. We sit and experience being there and then. To do nothing but only be is good for your mind. Kajsa needs to slow down and this is a good way to relax.



Fluffy fur I know.


I want to run again but I don`t know when that will be. I feel healthy from time to time but when I run I get sick. It`s better to walk than not exercise at all.



Those socks!



Kajsa is a crazy dog and needs to relax. She is always ready and willing. She has her own little haven where she doesn`t have to do anything. Her chair.




I had a facial today. I love it!

I had a “classic” facial. That means cleansing, scrub, steam, pore extraction and massage. I try to scrub my face regularly but that’s nothing compared to having a skin therapist deep clean your skin.

I have a hard time with the steam when I do it myself. If you don’t have a steamer you have to heat water and often you have to use a big pan or bowl to be able to get the steam everywhere. Then you have to cover your head and the bowl with a towel which makes it hard to breath.

I think pore extractions are hard to do. I don’t know why but I can’t extract anything when I do it. It’s not like I don’t have blackheads but I can’t extract them. To have someone who knows what they’re doing do it is wonderful.

My therapist was the best. I feel very deep cleaned. We talked while she did the facial and I asked if swedish people are good at taking care of their skin. She said we are and especially younger people are good at it.

I had my facial at “Grön skönhet” or “Green beauty”. The salon uses organic products.






Kajsa me and my mom are away for a couple of days. My mom has her birthday in a while and cause of that we decided to have ourselfs a mini vacation. We will spend it in a small town and do spa treatments among other things.

I like to get away for a while and have no “must do’s”. I find that it gives my soul a break when I don’t have to do things. My anxiety gets a couple of days off and that’s better than all medicines.

Kajsa has settled in perfectly. She’s used to stay in hotels. I often begin the “hotel stay” with a walk to let her feel where she is. Dogs are wonderful in how they just like how things are20170216_140005



My biggest first world problem is all about the tv. I don`t like when it`s broken or when there`s no good tv show on. If there`s no tv there`s nothing! The tv is the most important “furniture” for many and they almost build their houses around it. It`s mostly placed at the centre of every wall.

This is what my problem could be like.

-Where`s the remote control? (My heart races).



It`s not here.


Where is it!?



Not here either.

Where is it!!!!!!!?????????



Whatever it is I haven`t done it.






My heart races faster.


-Everybody listen up. I`ve found it!


-Calm down everybody. I found the remote and we can all continue to focus on the tv instead of speaking to each other.





My little girl had a haircut a couple of days ago. I always do it myself and I love to do it. I`m not a “furcutter” in any way although I get better every time I do it. Today she had a bath and now she is the cutest and cleanest terrier there is! The bath is not what she likes however when I begin to schampoo and clean her she relaxes.



Mom I don`t like that shampoo you used. I want a shampoo that smells like beef.