I’ve been mentally tired for a while. My depression has made me more tired than normal. I’m always tired but recently I’ve been too tired to do anything. That’s when I have mental rests.

Mental rests are what they sound like. I don’t do anything that requires any complicated thinking. I surf around the net or watch stupid tv shows. I often don’t meet anyone during the rests. I often don’t like being around others anyway and when I’m mentally tired I have to be alone.

When you’re depressed or suffer from any mental illness you have to do what is best for you. I used to always be there for others or work overtime whenever it was needed. I never do that anymore. I used to think I had to listen to the most annoying friend go on and on about somethings because that’s what good friends do. Now I’ve instead got rid of these annoying friends (haha not got rid of in that way), which I didn’t like, and only have friends I like. Friends should make you happy! I never work more than I should. I know working overtime makes you a hardworking, but it makes me more depressed.

The most important is to do things that ease the depression. I eat what I want for one thing. I know being on a diet could make you feel better, but I’ve never experienced that. I feel worse if I can’t eat what I want. I’ve tried and it didn’t help. I have to eat lots to feel good mentally and because I exercise a lot I have to give my body fuel.


4 thoughts on “Rest

  1. Jade Hall says:

    Thanks for this. Its important people talk about self care on their own terms when the same advice is repeated over and over again on magazine type sites. Eat healthily, exercise, socialise, get out the house etc etc forever. Mental breaks are important and a ‘to-do’ list of how to manage depression repeated everywhere can intensify the feeling of guilt and failure when people experience symptoms of depression that mean they just can’t and resist what gives them comfort because the standard advice is so prescriptive.

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