20170526_161858.jpgMake dinner is easy. When you know what to make. I think we all have struggled with what to make. I don’t know many times I’ve been standing in the kitchen looking through every cupboard for ideas.

During the summer I think it’s easier when you can eat salad. Salad is good all year round but it’s best when it’s warm. There’s many variations when it comes to salad. I often make a protein and carb filled salad because otherwise I don’t feel full. I could never only eat salad leafs!

The salad I like at the moment is chicken and pasta salad. I mix pieces of grilled chicken with lemon mayonaise and salt and pepper. That is tasty! The pasta is boiled and mixed with butter and salt and pepper.

The vegetables are fresh spinach, tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, olives and onion.




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