I’ve had my depression a long time. I don’t know of a time I haven’t been sad. I’ve never been the “typical” depressed because I’ve managed work and friends. There isn’t a typical depressed but many non depressed think that. I write many because not at all every non depressed are like this.

I can laugh and make others laugh. I don’t want to talk about my depression and that gives many the impression I’m well. I’ve been depressed all this time and I’ve encountered lots of know it allers. Especially the “snap out of it” individuals.

A depression isn’t something you can pretend it doesn’t exists. Everyone feels bad from time to time but that often goes away after a while. Feelings of a “easier” depression must be something everyone has experienced. A clinical depression though is another thing. There is some substance missing and it doesn’t go away without help.

The snap out of it “helpers” think a depression is something you only think you have. I’ve heard lots of things from them. They think going on a diet or going for a walk makes you feel better. It doesn’t! If it did there would be no vegetables left in stores and everyone would walk all the time.

A depression can get better if you take care of yourself but what that is only you can decide.


Cake makes everything easier.


10 thoughts on “Sadness

  1. Miranda says:

    Depression is hard. Tough. Exhausting. And a million and one other nasty things. The more people try to know and try to understand what it is we go through, hopefully the less people will resort to ‘snap out of it’. I have noticed in my own life people have made progress with this but there is still an attitude out there that says how we feel is a decision. Thanks for this blog.

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  2. Brittany says:

    Girl I feel you. I’ve been in a depressed state the last couple years, but it’s an odd emotion to encounter because I continue to stay positive when I can. I’ve learned to just embrace the feelings as much as I can, and sit with them. When trying to run from them and thinking they’re abnormal things only get worse. I know all too well the “put on a face and get shit done” way of life. Hang in there, this too shall pass. ❤

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