I have been away for a while and that`s cause I`ve been sick. I caught this bad cold that left me with nothing to do but lay down. I used to think that having a cold was not a big deal. A cold was no reason to stay at home. I “used” to that is. Recently all my colds have left me unable to do anything. My mom had to take care of Kajsa and everything else because I couldn`t.

Kajsa and me haven`t been able to run for a while because of my sickness. I used to exercise even when I was sick when I was younger. I ran everyday and didn`t let colds stop me which was stupid. If you don`t rest while your sick all kinds of things could happen that makes a cold the least of your problems. Anyway Kajsa is a raging tiger because of the lack of exercise. She barks all the time and is more crazy than usual. Today I could have lost her because of her tiger behaviour!

What I mean with her being a tiger is that she looks to be hunting all the time. She has a thing for cars and especially now with no exercise she finds them more interesting than ever. Today I had to do some shopping and my mom looked after Kajsa when I was in and out of shops. I never leave Kajsa alone outside a store and my mom was with her when I wasn`t. I came out of a shop and my mom held her. This was where cars shouldn`t be driving. Suddenly a cab approached and Kajsa went crazy. Her collar just fell off and she went hunting for the taxi. She raced right at it and if it hadn`t been driving slowly she would have been gone. I yelled at the top of my lungs and she stopped. I took her away from the taxi and I was trembling. Kajsa wouldn`t calm down and I had to lay her down on the ground til she relaxed. I was hysterical but I had to keep calm to get her calm. I layed her down slowly and I pet her and talked in a calm voice until she breathed normally. If the taxi had driven where it should have this wouldn`t have happened!


What a day.



My little girl had a haircut a couple of days ago. I always do it myself and I love to do it. I`m not a “furcutter” in any way although I get better every time I do it. Today she had a bath and now she is the cutest and cleanest terrier there is! The bath is not what she likes however when I begin to schampoo and clean her she relaxes.



Mom I don`t like that shampoo you used. I want a shampoo that smells like beef.




When you have an animal your life is never boring. You never know what that animal will do!

I have had the great pleasure of having dogs around me almost all my life and there has been some craziness through the years. Everyone that has experienced having a puppy for instance know what it’s like. Kajsa was, and still is, crazy. Like many puppies she liked to chew on things. She destroyed credit cards, shoes and furniture. My things were more fun than all her toys! For me that was just things that could be replaced and I didn’t care when I found pieces of shoes everywhere. Another thing she did was, if I dropped her leash she took off and I often found her playing with new dogfriends. Everytime that happened I thought I had lost her and was happy to find her playing.

When you are an animal owner it helps with a little bit of “what has happened has happened” attitude towards life. When your dog has chewed on your shoes there’s nothing to do about it. You can’t ask your dog for a new pair of shoes and “what has happened has happened”.

Kajsa drives me crazy all the time and I sometimes think “your new home is the balcony”. Of course that would never happen, but I think many dog owner have thoughts like that! She is crazy but I love her that way! If she wasn’t all over the place she wouldn’t be my girl.


What do you mean I’m crazy.


Kajsa was 1,5 years old when she was neutered. I had to put her through the operation because after every time she had been in heat she became pseudopregnant. It happened every time. She had milk in her nipples and she lost her fur. One time she even thought she had given birth to puppies. There are medicines you can give dogs when they become pseudopregnant but I didn’t want to keep medicating her for the rest of her life.

On the day of the surgery I went with her to the vet and it was hard to leave her there. The vet said I could come and get her that afternoon. I went home and was too nervous to do anything.

The afternoon came and I was happy that I was going to see her again. When I got to the vet he said that she was far from recovered. She was fighting for her life. I cried and thought that even though I only had her for a short while she would forever be in my heart.

The vet told me to leave her there for a while longer and to call later. I don’t remember much of anything right after I left her again. I couldn’t wait too long before I called and the relief I felt when they said she was fine can’t be described!

I went to get her and the first thing I heard when I opened the door was her barking! That’s my Kajsa. She came out with a plastic cone around her neck and she looked weak. I knew I had done the right thing when the vet said there were many cysts on the things they had removed. No one knows what that could have brought in the future. The nurses said she probably wouldn’t be able to walk in the days to come but she did. She walked on her own that very day and she ate. She was the crazy girl she is after a short while.20170111_181146.jpg


Kajsa got a fur cut today. I do her fur and even though I like her with a lot of it I have to cut it from time to time. If I didn`t do it she would look like a sheep. A cute sheep.

20161229_175831-Mom I am only half the girl I used to be now that you have cut my fur.

-I feel naked.


Merry Xmas

Kajsa and me hope you all will have a merry christmas! We will back in a couple of days.

Kajsa loooooooves her santa costume. Haha she hates it.

Voff and love.



20161219_181246No wonder I look angry. My mom says I sit funny. She laughs when I sit like this. A dog needs to be left alone and it needs to sit how it wants. That`s what I think.


I often forget how small Kajsa is. She is such a big dog in a small body that I tend to think of her as one of the bigger breeds. She is always up for whatever it is and she barks and she is very territorial. She is a parson jack russell and even though her breed and the jack russell breed , which is the more common russell, are two different breeds (lots of breeds in that sentence) they both have the same feisty temperament. Anyway, she is crazy and not afraid of much really.

Yesterday I found her like this, under a drawer. I was baking and didn`t see her coming into the kitchen. In that drawer there is spaghetti and some had fallen to the floor under it. As the terrier she is she decided to get the spaghetti and dived right in. I only noticed her tail at first and then I heard her chew on the hard pasta. She makes me laugh all the time.