When you have an animal your life is never boring. You never know what that animal will do!

I have had the great pleasure of having dogs around me almost all my life and there has been some craziness through the years. Everyone that has experienced having a puppy for instance know what it’s like. Kajsa was, and still is, crazy. Like many puppies she liked to chew on things. She destroyed credit cards, shoes and furniture. My things were more fun than all her toys! For me that was just things that could be replaced and I didn’t care when I found pieces of shoes everywhere. Another thing she did was, if I dropped her leash she took off and I often found her playing with new dogfriends. Everytime that happened I thought I had lost her and was happy to find her playing.

When you are an animal owner it helps with a little bit of “what has happened has happened” attitude towards life. When your dog has chewed on your shoes there’s nothing to do about it. You can’t ask your dog for a new pair of shoes and “what has happened has happened”.

Kajsa drives me crazy all the time and I sometimes think “your new home is the balcony”. Of course that would never happen, but I think many dog owner have thoughts like that! She is crazy but I love her that way! If she wasn’t all over the place she wouldn’t be my girl.


What do you mean I’m crazy.

4 thoughts on “Crazy

  1. colorpencil2014 says:

    Hahaha, ze brings way too much love into your life to be banned on the balcony! Charley chewed little but had good taste: 1 iPhone, two IPods and a new pair of boots. Oh well….I do notice she is always calmer when she has her good walks. Xo Johanna

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