– Kajsa are those my sunglasses?

– Yes they are (stating the obvious)!

Kajsa has begun stealing things. She doesn`t take sunglasses or other things like that but let`s say there`s a candy wrapper on the table then she steals it. She hasn`t done that until now and it must be a phase she`s going through. If I leave a plate of food on the table she doesn`t take anything. It seems that it must be leftovers for her to be interested. It`s great that she doesn`t take food because some foods can be like poison to dogs. I can have a bag of candy on the sofa and she ignores it. She doesn`t want to steal unchewed things.

She has never been into taking things before. She did when she was a puppy but that`s normal. When she was a puppy she chewed on drawers and she nearly destroyed the tv cable. Now she doesn`t chew on furniture just leftovers. You could think she doesn`t get food. She gets all the food she should. It must be that she wants things we have chewed on because it looks somehow.

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