Chocolate thing

I think this protein obsession that`s all over the place at the moment is crazy. Every where there is some advice that you should eat more of it. Manufacturers know that protein is big business and they want to cash in. Now there are protein in almost all kinds of food. Most people don`t need all this protein that`s out there. Commercials makes us believe that we can`t have enough of it. There should be protein involved in all we eat.

I know I have fallen for protein drinks. After exercise I drink them. I could just make a sandwich but it`s easier to mix powder with milk. The sandwich would probably do a better job with my recovery but I`m sticking to my powder. I have found a product I do buy from time to time. I don`t eat it after exercise I eat it as a snack. Many protein products are disgusting but this is tasty. It`s a chocolate flavoured protein pudding. I eat it when I`m hungry and need something more than just a sandwich. I make it unhealthy though cause I eat it with double cream.

I think it would be great after exercise though. If you don`t like protein drinks you should try it. It has a great taste and it`s easy to eat. It even comes with a spoon.

2 thoughts on “Chocolate thing

  1. colorpencil2014 says:

    Well they say, everything tastes better with bacon…but i would say everything tastes better with Chocolat!!! And I must say, I am always experimenting with foods as well, to feel better etc. Cheers, Johanna

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