My mom always makes me laugh. We have the same sense of humour. She tells me about things in her life and it often makes me laugh. This happened a long time ago but even to this day it`s one of the funniest thing she has told me. When she told me the first time I laughed so much I almost cried.

One of my mom`s friends is also the mom of a friend of mine (did you get it??????). My mom`s friend grew up on an island that is a popular summer vacation place. The friend kept her family home after her mom moved away. Me and my mom used to go there during the summer sometimes. Anyway, my mom`s friend eventually sold the house but another friend that also grew up on that island kept her family home as a “holiday house”. My mom, her “island friend”, the friend who kept her family home and some other women used to spend a weekend every fall in that family home. They were close friends and spent the weekend there cooking and going to a dance club.

This particular weekend they arrived at the house and like always they decided which room they each would get. There were many rooms in that house and my mom got a small narrow one. She is a bit claustrophobic and felt the room was too small for her. She decided to open the window to get some air in the room. She opened the window and suddenly a sworm of flies filled the room! There were hundreds of them! They had somehow been stuck in the window and when my mom opened it they went off. They filled up the whole room and my mom was in the middle of it all. She said the room went dark because the flies were so many. My mom said she refused to stay in that room and another friend switched rooms with her. She spent the rest of that day cleaning up dead flies! Either they died when my mom frantically tried to knock them out or out of chock because they too got scared when she opened the window.

They stayed in that house over one weekend and before they left they had to clean the room they had slept in. That is understandable but the thing is that no one had cleaned that house in years. My mom said there were dust and grease everywhere! It took them hours to clean what should have only taken one hour. They had to clean the whole house and it was a big one. There were nick nacks everywhere and the women had to scrub them all!

My mom never returned again.



2 thoughts on “Laugh

    • Kajsa's and Cecilia's world. says:

      The thing that made it that funny to me is that when my mom told me we were out to dinner. I couldn’t laugh as much as I wanted and I think that’s why I remember it to be one of the most funniest thing I’ve heard……. What an explanation!

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