I love all things that has to do with skincare. I`m not at all vain but skincare makes me feel good. I buy make up cause I have to and skincare cause I love to. Make up is something I use sometimes because it makes me feel more confident. I never use much make up and I normally only use powder and do my eyebrows.

I like to spend time in skin care stores. I could walk around among creams and serums all day every day.



I like the “Clinique” brand. It`s affordable and has something for every skin type.

I have always been interested in skincare and haircare. It makes me happy to take care of myself. I could never use only soap and water on my skin especially since I`ve used cleansers my whole life. My skin would get crazy if I stopped using skincare products. My favourite products are all kinds of creams. The older I get the more interested I become in everything that has to do with creams.




“Estee Lauder”. If it wasn`t that expensive I would buy it often.

Most important when it comes to skincare is cleansers. I read all the time when experts tell you how to get good skin that you should remove your make up in the evening. Who doesn`t!!!!!!!!! I always remove make up before bed. I could leave it on but that would make my skin break out and get all kinds of problems skin can get. I try to use mild cleansers. I often buy cleansers that are too harsh which leaves my skin dry and acne prone. I think that`s because I haven`t left my teen age thoughts on cleansers behind. I always think of my skin as oily which it isn`t these days.




Wondefully creamy.

Many of the products above (if not all) are organic. Good to your skin!



Don`t get sunburns. Self tan instead.






3 thoughts on “Caring

  1. colorpencil2014 says:

    Right there with you!! caring for yourself is a sign of self respect and looking cared for is a pleasure for the rest of the world. I hope for you that the brand ” Lush ” will come to Europe. its all organic, handmade and wonderful. I love Bodyshop too. Enjoy pampering, xo Johanna

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