I’ve read a couple of April fools day stories which made me smile. That got me thinking about when I fooled my mom long ago.

I was working in a hospital kitchen at the time. From the kitchen there was access to underground corridors that led to different wards. The meals we prepared in the kitchen were put in “waggons” that were taken to the wards through the corridors.

I told my mom that a patient from the high security psychatric ward had gone missing. I also told my mom that a knife had disappeared from the kitchen. I said we thought the patient had found the kitchen by walking in the corridors and that she or he had taken the knife.

My mom knew me and the rest of the kitchen staff often used these corridors ourselves and she got hysterical about the whole thing. It was bad enough we walked in the corridors but now there also was a escaped dangerous person with a knife hiding there.

I felt somewhat bad that I fooled her with this.


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