Sugar ban

It`s hard to quit sugar. It`s one of the hardest things to quit. Many call sugar a drug and it sort of is. Many doctors want for example soda drinks to carry a warning sign on them that sugar is addictive. Sugar makes us want to eat more. It upsets the mechanisms that tell us we need to stop eating.

20170403_173812I sometimes get sick of myself when I eat too much candy. I reached my lowest level of self respect, when it comes to candy, a couple of years ago. I began eating candy as part of my breakfast. I knew it was crazy but I couldn`t help it. I often eat candy and cakes, which I also eat too much of, when I`m hungry or bored. Candy makes you feel less hungry and there has been moments when I`ve eaten candy instead of food. Crazy I know.

I`ve stopped eating candy for periods of time. When I feel my sugar intake is getting out of control I have to do it. I most commonly decide to stop eating candy and things with added sugar for a week at a time. I`ve found that there are two things that makes it easier for me to do it.

The most important thing for me has been to find a substitute for the habit of eating sugar when I`m bored. Sugar free gum has helped me. I know gum isn`t healthy but it`s healthy enough for me. I chew gum when I know my candy addiction will tell me to eat candy. My biggest sugar craving comes after dinner. I turn to chewing gum.

20170403_173659 A part from chewing gum protein helps me. I eat more protein than usual when I have sugar breaks. I don`t know why it keeps me from giving in to sugar cravings. For me I have realized that the days I exercise and because of that recover with protein powder I eat less candy. When I quit sugar I eat more eggs and meat and it helps. I also try to get some protein powder, sugar free, in my diet to give me more protein.



A meaty protein filled sausage.

I have to have a sugar break now.



4 thoughts on “Sugar ban

  1. Brittany says:

    UGH this is the BANE OF MY EXISTENCE!! It’s so mental for me. I go stints of around 10 days or so without any added sugars, and then I think “Oh I can have just one.” IT’S NEVER JUST ONE! And then I spiral. Ultimately I shouldn’t have added sugars at all because I have a weak immune system, but it’s just SO GOOD in the moment. HAA. I’m with you…sugar break is a must!

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  2. Megan says:

    I have a problem with eating candy for breakfast as well, especially those little mini candy bars that seem innocuous, but I can never stop at just one.

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    • Kajsa's and Cecilia's world. says:

      I know where you’re coming from with “one is not enough”. One piece of whatever candy it is is never enough. I eat fruit yoghurt and cereal for breakfast now. It’s sweet but healthier than candy. Breakfast has to be easy to make for me and this is.


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