Dinner party

I don`t think having dinner parties is enjoyable. The party I love but not the dinner part. I`m not confident in my cooking and think no one will like what I serve. I know I can cook reasonably well but when it comes to feeding others I`m very uncertain as to how it will taste. When I go to friends for dinner I`ve never been disappointed at what they serve. The food is only a small part of the evening and even if it isn`t that good I don`t care. I know the friends that come to my dinners think the same but it doesn`t help.

Speaking of dinner parties, when I was younger one of my mom`s friends use to come over for dinner and I normally made the desserts. She is hilarious and I remember those dinners to be full of laughter. Anyway there are two of those dinners that stand out from the rest.

The most important when it comes to dinners is that there is enough food for everyone. I remember one time my mom was making lasagna. She was supposed to do one lasagna for the three of us. The oven tin she was using would serve maybe four large servings. I said that I thought one lasagna wasn`t enough. We talked back and forth about it and my mom ended up making two. They say mom`s are always right and oh boy how right she was. We ate half a lasagna! We had to eat the rest for days!


The other dinner party involved me doing more than I should. My mom`s friend loves desserts and I went all in that evening. I decided to make a cake with many layers and soft caramel on top. The thing was I had never made that many layers in a cake or (!) caramel before. I almost cried! When I tried to cut the cake into all these layers it fell apart and I ended up with bread crumbs instead of slices. The caramel………. It was far from soft. It became chewy toffee which I tried to put on top of the crumbs. I ended up making short bread! Not jam filled short bread with whipped cream that would resemble a dessert , only dry short bread.


I love cooking at dinner parties! Not.

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