I think the older I get the more skin products I have to have. I get that I use more than I have to but without products I feel another wrinkle coming. I also get that I can’t feel wrinkles coming but when you’re obsessed with skin care you think those things.

I have creme’s for every part of my face. Creme’s and serum’s. I have to have serum’s. That’s something I’ve been crazy about lately. Creme’s alone are not enough. Serum’s make all products work deeper.

I’ve tried many serum’s and my favorite is Vichy and their “Supreme” serum. It’s anti-everything. Anti-aging. Anti-pores. It’s magical for every skin type. My skintone gets more even and wrinkles get less prominant.

I give the serum 4/5. I give it a 4 because it’s expensive.

2 thoughts on “Wrinkle

  1. easyweimaraner says:

    thanks for a good idea… I will look for the vichy products next time and maybe I can get a sample to look if it fits for my skin. I currently use products from gatineau and they are poison for the wallet…

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