Vegan dinner

Today I made a vegan dinner. Everything from the pasta to the sauce was vegan. The only part I don’t know if it’s vegan is the wheat flour in the sauce. Haha I know wheat flour isn’t meat but I never see it in vegan recepies. It must have to do with the wheat but I don’t know how. Green pea pasta with mushroom sauce. Green pea pasta! I’ve never tried that. It’s made from only green pea flour.

I don’t know what to think about the pasta. It doesn’t taste much but regular pasta doesn’t taste much either. There wasn’t much pea taste to it. The consistancy was like pasta. It’s supposed to contain much protein and that’s wonderful. If you’re vegan you will like this but I like “normal” pasta better.


The mushroom sauce was tasty! I don’t know the word for this mushroom, in Sweden it’s called “champinjon”. Anyway I fried the mushrooms (200g) in plantbased butter until they got light brown. I used salt and pepper to give some flavour. Then I added about 1 tbsp wheat flour but use the flour you like! To make it a sauce I added oat milk.


There is avocado on the plate but I left it there because it was too ripe.


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