-Kajsa tell all how lazy mom is.

-Mom cut half my fur and said she would cut the rest later. She hasn’t.


When you have an animal your life is never boring. You never know what that animal will do!

I have had the great pleasure of having dogs around me almost all my life and there has been some craziness through the years. Everyone that has experienced having a puppy for instance know what it’s like. Kajsa was, and still is, crazy. Like many puppies she liked to chew on things. She destroyed credit cards, shoes and furniture. My things were more fun than all her toys! For me that was just things that could be replaced and I didn’t care when I found pieces of shoes everywhere. Another thing she did was, if I dropped her leash she took off and I often found her playing with new dogfriends. Everytime that happened I thought I had lost her and was happy to find her playing.

When you are an animal owner it helps with a little bit of “what has happened has happened” attitude towards life. When your dog has chewed on your shoes there’s nothing to do about it. You can’t ask your dog for a new pair of shoes and “what has happened has happened”.

Kajsa drives me crazy all the time and I sometimes think “your new home is the balcony”. Of course that would never happen, but I think many dog owner have thoughts like that! She is crazy but I love her that way! If she wasn’t all over the place she wouldn’t be my girl.


What do you mean I’m crazy.


Kajsa got a fur cut today. I do her fur and even though I like her with a lot of it I have to cut it from time to time. If I didn`t do it she would look like a sheep. A cute sheep.

20161229_175831-Mom I am only half the girl I used to be now that you have cut my fur.

-I feel naked.


Merry Xmas

Kajsa and me hope you all will have a merry christmas! We will back in a couple of days.

Kajsa loooooooves her santa costume. Haha she hates it.

Voff and love.



Christmas is stressful for us dogs. All that shopping and decorating makes us tired. I have to tell my family how to decorate all the time. And don’t get me started on how much I have to help them with the christmas gifts.

A girl needs her sleep.14822614506611241480289


20161219_181246No wonder I look angry. My mom says I sit funny. She laughs when I sit like this. A dog needs to be left alone and it needs to sit how it wants. That`s what I think.


I often forget how small Kajsa is. She is such a big dog in a small body that I tend to think of her as one of the bigger breeds. She is always up for whatever it is and she barks and she is very territorial. She is a parson jack russell and even though her breed and the jack russell breed , which is the more common russell, are two different breeds (lots of breeds in that sentence) they both have the same feisty temperament. Anyway, she is crazy and not afraid of much really.

Yesterday I found her like this, under a drawer. I was baking and didn`t see her coming into the kitchen. In that drawer there is spaghetti and some had fallen to the floor under it. As the terrier she is she decided to get the spaghetti and dived right in. I only noticed her tail at first and then I heard her chew on the hard pasta. She makes me laugh all the time.


There’s one thing I hate and that’s animal cruelty. It gets me every time I see something about it. Humans can be down right evil and I hate it.

I have a Pinterest account and a board about dogs there. I never search or pin articles about abused dogs but once in a while something about that comes into my news feed (or what you call it) and that breakes my heart. I tell myself “don’t look” but sometimes I do and then I can’t stop thinking about it.

It doesn’t have to be dogs, I hate all animal cruelty. There are tv shows about those that rescue abused animals and the few episodes I have watched have been disgusting. I have only watched a few and I avoid looking. If I do I keep thinking about it forever.

I wonder what’s wrong with the abusers. What do they get out of hitting their animals. How fun is it to starve them.

I support a dog shelter and I know it’s not much but at least it’s something. If I had lot of money I would do more. I wish I could adopt all the dogs that need to be. No animal should be in need.