Much of the dog treats available are not good. They smell bad and has additives that shouldn’t be there. Even if dogs like smelly stuff you often wonder what they put in the treats to make them smell like that. Many doesn’t smell of what they should be made of. Liver treats are one of those that smells disgusting. I don’t like liver but it doesn’t smell like that. There was another treat that smelled so bad that I had to throw it out. They often don’t even have natural flavours.

Treats often have sugar in them and that’s hard to get. Dogs don’t care about the sweetness give them real flavours instead.

I have found a treat that is natural and I will write about that another time. In the meantime I can tell you I made my own dog treats today. I just used ingredients I know are good to dogs. I didn’t think about writing down how much I used of the ingredients and I can only give you an estimate of it.

1 egg ( I’m sure of that )

1 tablespoon peanut butter

1 small piece of apple ( in small pieces and remove the peel and seeds )

2 dl oats

I mixed everything together and I tried to shape the mixture into bones. I don’t know if I succeeded. I put the “bones” in a tin and cooked them at 150 C for 20 minutes.

Kajsa loved them!

I have to say that you should only give them to your dog in moderation as they contain peanutbutter that is not exactly diet food.


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