There’s one thing I hate and that’s animal cruelty. It gets me every time I see something about it. Humans can be down right evil and I hate it.

I have a Pinterest account and a board about dogs there. I never search or pin articles about abused dogs but once in a while something about that comes into my news feed (or what you call it) and that breakes my heart. I tell myself “don’t look” but sometimes I do and then I can’t stop thinking about it.

It doesn’t have to be dogs, I hate all animal cruelty. There are tv shows about those that rescue abused animals and the few episodes I have watched have been disgusting. I have only watched a few and I avoid looking. If I do I keep thinking about it forever.

I wonder what’s wrong with the abusers. What do they get out of hitting their animals. How fun is it to starve them.

I support a dog shelter and I know it’s not much but at least it’s something. If I had lot of money I would do more. I wish I could adopt all the dogs that need to be. No animal should be in need.

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