I have been feeling more than stressed lately. I haven`t been able to relax. I thought about what I could do and decided to take a relaxation class. I have read that those things are good when you`re dealing with stress. The reason I just didn`t try to do this myself is that I haven`t had much experience in those things. I wanted someone to show me how it`s done.

I looked online for relaxation classes and found one. This was a couple of days ago and the class was yesterday. I decided to start the journey to the yoga studio, where the class was being held, early because I only sort of knew where it was at. I knew the area but not the exact location of the studio.

I took the train and I had to change to another train on the way in order to get to where I wanted. When I got to the station where I would change trains I realized the class was about to begin shortly. It had taken much longer than I had thought. And the train I waited for to take me the rest of the way weren`t due for some and if I had waited for it I would have missed the class. My stress level was through the roof at this point. I started walking instead but I knew that I would never make it in time that way.

I decided to get a taxi. Even if I wasn`t far away from the studio there was no way I could get there on my own. Now comes the next stress explosion. I hadn`t refilled my mobile and had no money to call a taxi company. I hysterically went in to a burger place and borrowed their phone.

The taxi came right away and after a couple of minutes the taxi drove me as far as it could. The studio was in an area with many apartment buildings and cars aren`t allowed to drive there. When I got out of the taxi I didn`t know where to go. I was hysterical and asked many people if they knew where the studio was. Finally I got there, not in time I might add.

Now comes the bit that made me want to cry. I rushed into the studio and because the other participants in the class already laid ready on the floor ready to begin I had to whisper that I was sorry I was late. The woman that was leading the class asked to see my receipt where it showed that I had payed. I booked the class a couple of days earlier and payed online at the same time. I didn`t bring the receipt and I thought I couldn`t participate. I felt the tears wanting to pour out because I had been so stressed to get there and when I got there the woman wanted me to show her a receipt.

I didn`t cry and I got to take the class. I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn`t had all the craziness before it.

(If you read another version of this it`s because the first one got deleted somehow. I had to write it again.)

2 thoughts on “Relax

  1. zozieposie says:

    Oh poor you…you should be proud of all the steps you took to get there and how amazingly well you did when it was so hard


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