Kajsa loves when we exercise. We run almost everyday. She is the best little running companion. She never says no and she likes it. We have been running since she was old enough to do it. I have always exercised and I have done many various sports. Running is my favourite one because you don`t have to travel to a gym. It doesn`t cost much ( it can be if you choose expensive clothes ) and you get to be outside. I love this time of year because it`s the best to run when the air is crisp and cold. I never run, or I might do short runs, in the summer because it`s too warm for Kajsa then.

I have started doing strength exercises at home after every run. I feel that my running gets much better when I do that. I like to build my strength and not just my running skills. I also like that you don`t have to be in a gym to do it. I think it`s frustrating to be in a room with others where you have to wait for the machine you want. Often I have had to skip machines because everyone else was using it.

Kajsa snores in the sofa when I do my exercises. She gets her sleep and I get my strength.

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