When you exercise it`s important to feed your body with the right nutrition to make it recover well. I know that protein and carbs are good but I wonder what to actually eat. Eggs are high in protein and oatmeal is a great source of carbs but should you eat boiled eggs and oatmeal porridge to recover after you`ve exercised?

I have been drinking protein and carb shakes after training for a while and I think it works well. I have to write “think” because I`m not convinced it does. I watched a tv show where they tried this theory that shakes are good recovery nutrition and I don`t know what to think. In one of the tests they had a man working out on one leg only and then he drank some protein shake. They took a sample of his muscle tissue, after drinking the shake, in both legs and it showed that the protein actually went to the muscles in both his legs. His trained leg got most of the protein though. Another test had a group of people divided into two groups. One group drank protein shakes after exercising and the other was given a drink that wasn`t enriched. No one was told which group they belonged to. The test showed that both groups achieved the same result of their training regardless to what they drank. All right, one test showed that protein shakes get absorbed by muscles but then another says that it doesn`t make any difference if you drink them.

That`s why I don`t know what to think.

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