Already made

I like watching cooking shows on tv. Masterchef the England version is my favourite show. The judges are great because they are sympathetic and nice. When the contestants don`t do that good the judges don`t make them feel bad. There are other Masterchef versions where the judges are horrible.

There are talkshows where there are cooking segments. I like them too. One thing that strikes me when I watch them is that the stoves don`t seem to do what they should. You never see the food getting cooked. When they shoot something that`s supposed to be cooking there`s nothing going on. No bubbles in the so called boiling water or the butter in a frying pan sizzling away. There are food there but nothing happens.

Often the cooks say that things are already made. They make a dish and instead of completing it they pull out something that`s “already made”. I know that certain things takes too long to cook and to be able to show how the dish should look Before the program ends they need to make some things ahead of the show. I don`t know if that is the actual reason though. What if the stoves in some of these shows are just props and the only way of having a dish to show is to have something already made. I don`t know.

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