I have had a stressfull week. I have had meetings and things I needed to do. Now my anxiety is high and I`m tired. Tired is not the right word. I`m more on the other end of that word. I haven`t gone running much this week instead I have taken long walks to clear my mind. Kajsa is great when I`m feeling like this because it`s easier to take walks with her than to do it on my own.

I have to think about how I feel. I can`t have too much to do. If I try to do too much my anxiety will get out of hand. It`s important to be kind to yourself. When you don`t feel like doing something you don`t have to then don`t. That`s something that`s been hard for me to do. I have always wanted to be there for others and because of that I have forgotten

about my own feelings. I`m much better at saying no these days.

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