I think that bacon makes food delicious. The salty flavour gives almost all food a richer taste. Pasta goes especially well with bacon. I like vegetarian pasta sauces but bacon sauces I like even more. And to serve a bacon sauce with fresh pasta is my favourite meal. I don`t make my own pasta because I`m too lazy and also because I think the ones you can buy are tasty.

This is an oven cooked pasta dish. Like I said I`m lazy and this is easy to make. I make a sauce with vegetables and bacon. In this sauce there`s peppers, fresh tomatoes, tinned tomatoes, bacon, onions, milk and cream. I fry the fresh vegetables and bacon for a while and then I add the tinned tomatoes, milk and cream. I also add salt and pepper.

I put the fresh pasta in an oven tin and pour the sauce on top of it. I put some cheese on it and cook at 200 C in the middle of the oven until the cheese has melted.

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