Beef idea

I almost never eat a whole piece of beef, I prefer it minced. I think a whole beef almost tastes like blood and that`s why I have to cook it all the way through. In a restaurant I always order my beef well done otherwise I can`t eat it. And I don`t like a big steak because it`s to meaty. What I do like is a minute steak. It`s thin and easy to cook.

Today I made minute steak and potatoes. I fried the steak until it was done and after that I put it in an oven tin. I poured cream as well in the tin in order to get a sauce. On a baking paper I put potatoes, peppers and tomatoes and I cooked the whole thing in the oven. The beef came out soft after having been first fried and then slowly cooked in cream and the sauce that “made itself”was tasty.


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