Easy cooking

When it comes to cooking I`m lazy. I love to read recepies or watch cooking shows where many ingredients are involved but I`m too lazy to use more than a few things in my food. I would like to be one of those that find pleasure in cooking for hours with a lot of different ingredients but that will never happen. Often I think “today will be the day I make that time consuming dish I`ve been wanting to make” but instead I cook pasta with sausage or something.

20161217_150421Today I made what we call “makaronipudding”, pasta pudding. It might not sound tasty but it is. There are many ways to make this pudding but this is how I do it.



6 eggs

5 dl milk

Bacon (I used about 250 g)

Oven 200 C

Cook pasta for four persons. Put it in an oven tin.

The amounts for the eggs and milk are not what you have to use, it`s what I think suits this dish. Anyway, whisk the eggs and milk together and add salt and pepper.

Fry the bacon.


Add the bacon to the pasta. I use a lot of butter in the pan and I put that on the pasta as well it gives the dish a nice flavour.

20161217_152157Pour the egg mixture over the pasta. For more flavour, add some cheese on top.

Bake in the oven for 20-30 minutes in the middle of the oven.

Serve with lingonberry jam.



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