Ice cream

I made ice cream yesterday. No ice cream machine was involved! I love ice cream and I`ve been looking for a machine but I haven`t found anyone I liked. They are either too expensive or too big. I don`t want one that is big enough to fill a room and I don`t want to spend hundreds of dollars on one. The smaller ones don`t make much ice cream and I felt that I had give up the idea of making my own ice cream.

I was happy when I found out that you can make tasty ice cream without the machine! You just need a hand mixer! The amounts in this recepy are what I think makes the best ice cream. And it is delicious! This flavour is chocolate nougat.


3 dl double cream

3 dl (cold) condensed milk

2 teaspoons vanilla powder (not vanilla sugar)

4 tablespoons cocoa powder

50 g melted nougat

Whisk the cream until it gets stiff. Add the cold condensed milk.

20161218_155922Add the rest of the ingredients.


Put the mixture in a bowl and (of course) keep it in the freezer.

It tastes like creamy delicious ice cream.


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