There`s a commercial on tv where someone comes to Sweden from another country to celebrate christmas. Because of that the family in Sweden replaces some of the food they normally serve at christmas. They replace it with food that`s eaten in the guest`s country.

First I have to say that I`m not upset or anything like that by that commercial. And second, I know the family does this as an act of kindness as well as show respect for another country and the traditions there. (And I know it`s only a commercial). It got me thinking though. If I were to celebrate christmas abroad I would like to eat what they normally do. I would never expect to get swedish dishes and honestly I would prefer not to. I eat swedish christmas food every year and it would be more than great to try something else. I sometimes spend christmas in Austria where my dad lives and I like that they just serve their traditional dishes. It`s like when people travel to other countries for their vacation. Many always choose their home countries food, if it`s available, from the menue.

In Sweden we eat a lot of different food at christmas. One thing that many consider to be the most important one on the christmas table is pickled herring. I think it`s disgusting. If you`ve never heard of it, it`s raw fish in vinegar. It tastes like………raw fish and vinegar. What I mean is that I would never not serve the herring if a guest from another country would spend christmas at our place.20161221_175730


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