I hope this year will bring you happiness and all the things you want. I hope this year will be the year where I hopefully will feel better. I have gone through crazy things these last few years when it comes to my depression but I have finally gotten in contact with a doctor that seems to know what he`s doing. I am going to tell you about this journey later.

I haven`t made any new year`s resolutions to myself, which I never do anyway, because I can`t keep them. One thing I will try though is to cut down on my sugar intake. I have done it before and I will try my hardest to do it again. I got inspired by a blogger that is struggling to quit sugar. I have actually succeeded to do it before, which I never thought I would. For me, candy is my biggest weakness when it comes to sugar. I eat candy because I like it and also when I`m hungry or bored. Sometimes I eat chocolate instead of a sandwich because I`m too lazy to make it, and it`s crazy. And when I`m bored I eat candy to keep me busy.

Happy new year.

-Mom I don`t care that it`s a new year.

-Every year is a Kajsa year.

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