I often get tangles in my hair. Even if I use “heavy” schampoo`s and conditioners and so on they keep showing up. When I have long hair my whole hair is often one big tangle. I like having long hair but it`s almost impossible. Because of that I`ve used different hair oils to make it better.

I write hair oils and many of you probably think “oil makes my hair greasy”. My hair gets greasy as well if I use “pure” oil like olive oil. I remember when I mixed olive oil and essential oils and put it on my hair. It looked like I had never washed my hair! It only weighed my hair down and my hair looked dirty. Pure oil is excellent for deep conditioning where you leave it on your hair for a while and then wash it off. When you only want to get soft hair you should use oils especially made for your hair.

This hair oil is probably the best one I`ve used.

20170125_180706This is Marc Anthonys, “Coconut and shea butter oil”. It`s a lightweight oil that makes your hair soft without any greasy feeling. It smells discrete but nice and it melts in with your hair. It makes at my hair almost tangle free. I find that it`s best to put it on when my hair is wet.

You can buy this everywhere.

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