20170206_162851.jpgI love this dessert. It’s “Gooey chocolate cake” with berries and whipped cream.

I bought the cake this time because this one tastes just as delicious as if you would have made it yourself. The chocolate cake is, like the name says, a gooey cake. It’s chewy and very delicious!

If you want to bake it I think the best thing would be to make a fondant cake. I will make it sometime but if there’s any chocolate addict out there that can’t wait that’s what you can do until then. Yummy!

5 thoughts on “Cake

  1. colorpencil2014 says:

    Nothing wrong with good store bought food…but it does not give the comfy smell wafting through the house. I like cream and fruit so much better on my cake than the teethbreaking icings or fat cream they put on cakes here in the US. Americans have an unblievable sweet tooth and my bakings are considered healthy but not necessarily tastier by my friends ;o) I will keep on trying to convince them that subtle honest flavors are better than an explosion of butter and sugar! Xo Johanna

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