Body products

I like trying new beauty products. Or like is not right I’m addicted to it. My favorites are face products but I like everything. I like body care also and that’s because I like things that smell good. A creamy body lotion with a nice scent makes my day.

I never wear perfume on a regular basis and that makes me drawn to body care products that has a strong scent. I could never use perfume and strong smelling body lotions at the same time because that would make me into a walking perfume place! I often get dizzy by strong perfumes and that makes scented body lotions the best when it comes to having your body smell good.

I found these products and decided to try them. They’re TREETS body lotion and shower cream. I like them! They have a strong sweet smell. If you like candy scented body care things you’ll like these. The body lotion is rich and makes the skin soft. The shower cream is also rich and doesn’t dry out the skin.




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