Fast salad

20170703_163138.jpgI know the feeling. You come home late and the idea of spending time in the kitchen cooking……no! You only want something quick to eat.

I have had that feeling many times. Every time I come home after a long day I never cook anything complicated. Often I buy pizza or pick out processed food from the freezer that cooks fast. Often I only eat sandwiches but that don’t fill me up. Processed food is fine once in a while but not all the time.

I’m happy I’ve found something rather healthy to eat and it takes no time to cook. Ceasar salad. It’s from Dole. It’s called Ceasar kit and contains sliced salad, crutons, sauce and parmesan cheese. I think you can find it almost everywhere.

I buy cooked chicken at the deli counter to make it into the ceasar in the salad. You don’t have to use chicken anything goes with it. I think everything is tasty in the ceasar kit other than the parmesan cheese. It tastes like feet. The salad doesn’t lack in flavor because I don’t eat the cheese.



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