Noodle salad

20170702_153826I don’t think this is a “noodle noodle” salad. Noodle salad has more asian ingredients in it than noodles. I say noodles because they are good when you want a fuller salad. I could never only eat a vegetable salad because that wouldn’t satisfy me.

Salads are convenient when you want to get your daily veggie intake in your dinner. I like it but I need some substance like carbs and protein to go with it. Noodles are delicious and make salads delicious. I often add meat in salads but today I wanted noodles.

This is the dinner idea for today. It takes time to cut all veggies but it’s worth it. The veggies in the salad are salad (surprise), cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, olives and onions. Yummy!


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