I love cinnamon. I especially like it in cakes and buns. I love to use it when I bake cause of the smell (and taste)! It smells good when you bake cinnamon buns for instance.

When it comes to cinnamon buns I would make them often if it wasn`t for how long it takes to bake them. The dough needs a lot of work and all that kneading takes a long time. Don`t get me started on the rising time. It`s a lot of rising involved. That`s why I`m excited I have found out how to make the easiest cinnamon buns.

I`ve made homemade pizza a couple of times and I always buy the dough. Everytime I make the pizza I think the dough feels like the dough you you get when you make cinnamon buns. I have thought about trying to make cinnamon buns out of the pizza dough and today I tried it.

20170212_154951The pizza dough.

20170212_155406I spread butter on the dough and sprinkled sugar and cinnamon on top of it.

20170212_162725I rolled the dough and cut it in pieces. I placed the pieces in cupcake paper (I don`t know the right word). I brushed them with beaten eggs and added some pearl sugar.

20170212_164221Cinnamon buns!

They are best eaten right away cause they get a bit too hard after a while.


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