Mental vacation

I had to take a mental vacation for a while. I was very tired and had to take a break from everything. I don`t feel better but my mental state is stronger. I haven`t done a lot and that is what mental vacation is. Not doing anything.

Kajsa always helps me when I feel depressed. Animals have that sense of knowing when you feel bad. She is my best friend and loves me for me. I can get these anxiety “attacks” and when I hug her they disappear.

Dogs are the best. They make you laugh. Everyone should be the way dogs are. For example they don`t dwell on everything like we do. I remember when we had a pie on the balcony. It was there to cool down after it had been baked. The balcony door was open and Kajsa went out and ate from it. She must have thought “How nice of you to make this for me. I was hungry.” Not wondering why the pie was there. Kajsa never gorges on food and she must have taken some of the pie chewed on it and then taken even more. Not a worry in the world! Not feeling stressed to eat the whole pie before we would find her.

Love her.



Give me pie.



6 thoughts on “Mental vacation

  1. Miranda says:

    Dogs just seem wired for love. I am glad you have this beautiful companion to help you through life. Unfortunately, where I live we are not allowed to keep pets but we spend a lot of time with relatives who have animals instead.

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      • Miranda says:

        I think it’s more to do with the animals destroying the home (scratching, toileting, etc!) which I can understand but it’s still a shame. If we move we will definitely be on the lookout for the rare landlord tha


      • Miranda says:

        Sorry didn’t quite finish!

        On the lookout for the rare landlord that accepts pets and understands the joy they inevitably bring to our lives. 🙂

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