I didn`t know there were all this types of pancakes. I thought there were the crèpe, swedish pancake, and the american with baking powder. The swedish pancake is like a crèpe. It`s flat and thin. The american pancake is thicker. Anyway there are lots of pancakes.

I like the swedish pancake more than the american. It`s the baking powder in the american I don`t like. I had it when I had brunch long ago and I thought it would taste wonderful. I was disappointed. I think my preference when it comes to food is that it should taste mild and I only like the things I liked when I was younger. Limiting I know.

I never use a recipe when it comes to pancakes. I began going by the smell of the batter to know it was the way it should. Now I`ve made it many times and know how it should be. I couldn`t write about pancakes and not leave any explanation on how to make them. Because of that I tried to think about how much I use of the ingredients.

8 pancakes makes two servings and for that I used

50 gr melted butter (heartattack waiting to happen it’s lots)

4 eggs 

7 dl milk

4 dl flour


Mix all ingredients. The texture should be like a white sauce.


Even with the enormous amount of butter in the batter I put additional butter in the pan for every pancake I make. Every pancake should fill the whole bottom of the pan.


Eat them with jam and whipped cream.


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