Kajsa loves to run. Me too. We haven’t gone running for a while and Kajsa has gone crazy because of that. Or I write for a “while” but it’s only been a few days. She would run everyday if she could and she would love it. I can’t run everyday and if we take it easy for more than one day she gets hysterical. She has all this energy that has to be let out. When we then do run she can’t go fast enough.

I often don’t want to run before I do it. It takes all my energy just to get out the door. After I have run though I feel good. Kajsa is what keeps me running. I know she loves and needs it and I do it for her. She is a lovely running buddy and couldn’t be more excited when she gets her harness on.


After every run she gets into a pillow fight and the pillows fly everywhere.

4 thoughts on “Crazier

  1. colorpencil2014 says:

    Very true! Dogs need their excersize . I need to walk at least one hour every day preferably two to keep my auto immune disease under control. I already do this for years and so far, I win;o) But my dogs need for excersize is a strong motivator. Not only are they great company whilst walking but they are in better mood and better shape too. All my dogs have always grown very old and that is mainly through walking. Xo Johanna

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