I love pasta. It makes everything taste good. I think pasta is under rated these days. Everytime it’s talked about it has to do with that it contains too much carbs. You need both carbs and protein but carbs have become something bad.

Like pasta I find comfort food under rated. Today all restaurants serve “new” food but it’s hard to find uncomplicated things. In Sweden we have something called “husmanskost” which is food that has been around for long. It’s food like boiled pork and fried pork with onion sauce. Everyone is crazy about it but it’s hard to get when you’re out to eat.

Pasta bolognese has become “husmanskost” and it’s no restaurant that serve it. They do but there is always something “new” to it. It can be that the sauce is made with pickled meat or onion and it doesn’t taste right. Today I made pasta bolognese. Simple bolognese. Minced beef with tomatoe puree, milk, cream and onions. I always use milk to make it into a sauce. Water is too thin I find. I used to add water but milk is better. Cream gives is a good taste.

I used to be bad at making bolognese sauce. Now I’ve learned and I think there are two important factors that makes a successful bolognese.

*”Boil” the liquid out of the minced meat before you add the rest of the ingredients.

*If you put tomatoe puree in the sauce let it cook for a while in the pan with the meat before adding liquid.




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